The Team

Our team of experts greets you with the best wishes and wants to introduce themself! Discover their journeys and educations and find out, how they will help you in the retreats.


Born in 1986 in northern Germany, Justus followed the normal education path till the age of 30. At 16 he started to become a professional electrician and studied mechanical engineering and supply engineering afterwards. Then he built a successful marketing and consulting agency and became one of the leading, german teachers for Adobe products with over 51.000 Students. Finally having enough of the system, he left the country permanently to discover the secrets of our planet in 2017. Through his conscious, slow, and continuous travels in over 30 countries, his spiritual journey unfolded itself more and more.

After digging into neuroscience, brainscience, and quantum physics he started his professional education as an H3-Hypnotherapist. This was the necessary breakthrough and he still continues his ratings with new seminars and workshops.
So today, several years after his first spiritual experience, he helps his coaching clients in his non-suggestive, but guiding way. It empowers them to their full potential and he loves to see the people unfold and grow – as also seeing them getting in touch with the non-physical world.

Success and freedom come from taking action“ – Justus Zeemann


Mastering the studies of communication design gave her the opportunity to work fulfilled as a successful and leading Art Director for more than 6 years. However, in 2017 she had the life-changing experience of a broken appendix, which questioned everything in her life.
Several months later she was already living in Morocco on the beach, only to discover that her self-love journey had just started. 80 books, countless retreats, workshops, therapies, and education later she understood herself:
What she is looking and living for are ways to connect in a healthy way, being able to love unconditionally, and to live wholeheartedly.

Today Sylvia is a free spirit and creative mind. She is a visionary and spiritual coach with the mission “Free yourself to love”.
So she helps others to release self-sabotage patterns and gain emotional freedom by connecting to their soul desires. She guides them to get in touch with their feelings to expand their capacity of love and create directly from their souls.

“In order to connect to our vision we need to feel ourselves and open our heart” – Sylvia Weinheimer