In which language will the retreat be carried out?

The retreat will be conducted in English or German. Sylvia and Justus speak both languages and would only talk German if all participants understand German. For us, it is important that everyone feels included.

How many spaces are available?

The number of retreat participants varies between the different type of retreats we offer. We optimized for smaller groups from 4 – 8 people. So we like to keep the groups small and private to have the best, individual experience.
If you are interested in a private event for yourself, with your friends, or your team, please contact us. Having availability questions about certain events? Contact us right now at

Will I have my private room?

In all our retreats are also private rooms available. Since the demand is different from country to country, it is necessary to contact us personally to know if a specific Master or Single suite is still available for certain dates.

How does a typical day look like?

Let’s give you an overview:
After waking up when it fits you, we meet for a physical activation ~7:45 AM. Followed by a delicious and healthy breakfast prepared by one of our chefs. Then we meet for our first group activity. These activities vary between theoretical, physical, and practical topics and are adjusted to the needs and knowledge of the individual group.
After finishing the first group activity, you have to diggest what just happened. That happened before we diggest another beautiful meal created by one of our chefs around lunchtime.
In the afternoon we meet again, this time for another group activity. It aims to settle the fresh knowledge and skills you earned in the morning. And to round the day we will have another group dinner in the evening.
In between and from time to time you get enough free moments to have time for yourself and to process. Also, individual 1on1 sessions are running on top of the program and will be adjusted to the timetable and your personal needs.
While the retreat is running there are several surprises, gifts, and specials that will lighten up your being even more and make you feel welcome and special. We can’t wait to facilitate our events together with you!

What should I bring with me?

Depending on the retreat runtime you need enough clothes to feel comfortable while your stay. So we recommend something casual and light. And also light shoes/flip-flops for your daily time are recommended.
Having a favorite pen? Bring it with you for your lovely notes!
Also, a clock can help, so that you can keep track and be on time for the events – even while your phone is in your room. 

What should I not bring with me?

The past retreats showed that it is the best experience for participants if they don’t use their phone, tablet, or laptop while a retreat is going on. Also, magazines, newspapers, or television are distractive and we figured, that people get the most out of their retreat if these things are left at home.
Before the retreat starts, we will give you a certain WhatsApp number, which you can give to your beloved ones. We check this number frequently while the retreat goes on and if something significant comes up, we will contact you immediately.
Out of respect, we ask you to not use your phone in front of others, maybe it’s best to give yourself some “off-time” and leave it in your room. Usually, all Suites have a safe.

How will you decide how to fill the retreat attendee spots?

There is the unknown of whether our work or this retreat will be a good fit for you. So we will schedule a call to discuss your situation and any further questions. This session is free of costs and it is not a guarantee that your application will be accepted. If we think that the retreat can benefit you, we will let you know asap (or directly in the call). And from that point, it will be based on the order that the applications and payments are received.

Is there ongoing, one-on-one support beyond the retreat?

Yes. All retreat participants will be offered a post-retreat (virtual) 1on1 session. This provides added value beyond the retreat experience. If you would like to experience more or work long term in a 1on1 environment with us, there are different programs to choose from.

Is it for men or women?

It is about openness, intelligence, kindness, honesty, and fun. We find that these qualities are not gendered. So all humans deserve to get the most out of their actual being. If you think you have these qualities, I encourage you to go for it.

What if I get sick, or something comes up and I can’t attend? Can I get a refund?

These are intimate retreats, and most of them include meals and stay accommodations, therefore we need a confirmed list of attendees. That means that we cannot accommodate refunds. However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, we will do our best to help you find someone to fill your spot. Or to re-schedule your retreat with sixty days if possible.
However, we cannot guarantee that this way will work.

Will there be vegan and vegetarian options?

All of our menus are geared towards a mostly vegetarian experience. The vegetable possibilities of the landside countries where we facilitate our retreats are abundant! And the island retreats offer an abundance of fresh seafood options as well. So the retreats have a veggie-focused menu.
In order to truly experience the best that these areas have to offer, we may also offer fish and meat options. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know when you register. So we can factor those into the menus and give you the best experience you deserve 

Why is it so expensive?

We want you to be free to focus on yourself, your experience, and your goals. We do our best to limit the number of other arrangements and details that you would need to attend each individual session. Therefore, we make sure to have great venues to meet, healthy and delicious meals, and all needed supplies. It is all factored into the cost of the retreat. Please note that the retreat participants will be offered post-retreat virtual support also. This provides added value beyond the retreat experience itself.

Why is it so cheap?

Because our team and partners are experts in their specific area. We know what we need in the retreats, we take advantage of the discounts that are possible and schedule everything in a way of ease. In addition, our partners provide us with the best staff and chefs, which are not only passionate about the local cuisines of their region but also aware that good and local supplies don’t have to cost a fortune. We aim to make all services as affordable as possible to our intimate groups.

Is it scary? Should I expect to cry?

Breakthroughs are exciting! Clarity is lovely! And creativity can unleash the beast within! The removal of the blockages on this path can find a release through tears, dance, or laughter. It is hard to predict what the effect will be for each individual. We promise that our intention is to keep things light and relaxed, yet targeted.

Do you have further questions or didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

If you want to get in contact or you have further questions regarding the retreats or our work, feel free to send them to or book your personal call right now: Let’s talk!
Find us also on Facebook: Sylvia and Justus

No further Questions?

Perfect! If you have no further questions, get in contact and book your spot!