Some of us have issues with self-doubts, stress, anger, comparisons, and distraction throughout the day, so that we are exhausted or unsatisfied at the end of the day. Others reached their goal and are happy to provide great services to the societies they love and live in. But somehow they are unbalanced or not fulfilled.

In the last years, more and more energetic connections were established in our own lifes and we figured that this beautiful growth is available for everyone. Everyone owns the right to live to the fullest and explore the world behind the physical boundaries and distractions that keep us busy every day. You don’t need a guru or constant consciousness to reach this.


Date: 23.09. – 30.09.2022
Location: Luxury Villa near Bansko, Bulgaria
Purpuse: Reconnect and empower yourself; learn to work with energy; find your way to handle stress, anger, anxiety and distractions.
Included: Food, accomodation, retreat-program, 1on1 session with your host, personal driver, room service, much more.
Price: 2.200 Euro
Bonus: thermal bath, laundry-service, private hot-tub, beautiful hiking destination, shuttle-service, luxury linen, and many more

Discover practical exercises to life with energy in your everyday life to deal with stress, anger, anxiety, distraction and to improve your health.

Understand yourself and find answers to your deepest questions by a 1on1 session with Sylvia and Justus.

Experience 7 days in a breathtaking all-inclusive atmosphere without thinking about food, accommodation, laundry, or work.


In this retreat We guide you to get yourself into connection with the energy around and within yourself. The “you” we writing to right now is more than just your body: It’s your soul, your energetic body, your mind, your heart, your spiritual guidance, and your physical body. Together we open up your connection and empower yourself to use the energy in your daily life. To achieve this, we focus on both, theoretical and practical exercises and experience them in an intimate group.

After this retreat, you will be able to use your personal, energetic connection for releasing anger and stress back into their source – or even keep them from coming towards you. Also your work- and free- time will become more relaxed throughout a higher focus and less disturbance by distractions. You will understand the source of energy for your own benefits, as also for the benefits of others. Furthermore, the integrated use in a practical and uncomplicated way in your daily life will become a new, effortless part of you.

To guide you through the most effective methods and ways, this retreat aims at a 100% all-inclusive experience. Therefore the moment you enter the venue you won’t think about accommodation, food, laundry, schedules, or stress for the next 7 days. You will dive into another reality full of opportunities and experiences.


We are proud to be your host and guide, as much as we are grateful to have you in one or more of our events.


Sylvia and Justus